Best of Fashion Blogs

The following ten sites were plucked from this list’s topics as the ‘best of the best’ from each one of the topics in this list. You’ll find the topics listed below these top ten blogs.

  1. Beauty Addict: Kristen Kelly had so much makeup during her teen years that she used a trunk to haul it around. She founded Beauty Addict in September 2005 as a way to share her product obsessions with the world. Beauty Addict is now one of the largest independent beauty blogs on the web and has been featured in The New York TimesAllure, and other publications.
  2. DC Goodwill Fashion Blog: Are you kidding? This blog is the best! Not only does Goodwill provide job training and employment services to people with disadvantages and disabilities, they now provide readers with the hottest retro fashion ideas at bargain-basement prices – and the styles aren’t necessarily from Goodwill. ThinkHot TopicForever 21, etc., as well as frequent hints to visit the DC Goodwill eBay Store.
  3. Fashion Wire Daily: Hardcore, down to business, hot news about the fashion industry. You can take this site to the bank. On average, FWD posts 10 stories and 50 photos each day in categories like fashion, beauty, and runway.
  4. Fashionista: This blog is “an online explosion of personalities, companies, events and trends that shape the fashion universe.” The writers chronicle the fashion trail from the runway to the first Canal Street knockoffs as they cough up the latest in supermodel gossip.
  5. Shoe Blog: If you’ve got a thing for shoes, you’ll love, love, love this blog. From sandals to boots and from Azzedine Alaia to Zappos, this blog has it all.
  6. Street Peeper: Street fashion from Amsterdam to “Elsewhere.” The list of bloggers, photographers, and general contributors is enough to make you drool with anticipation over what these on-the-edge individuals will bring to the site.
  7. Style Bubble: Susie Bubble’s musings, thoughts, takes, observations on the joys and trials and tribulations on the art of fashion/style. From living space to accessories and total fashion critique, you’ll find a pleasant down-to-earth perspective here.
  8. The Art of the Steal: Amanda Failing has a fine arts background (hence the “art”), so she uses her sense of composition, color, rhythm and balance to replicate the hottest outfits at a discount or to find new trends that would fit in a working woman’s budget. She’s darn good at the pricing part – hence the “steal.”
  9. The Pretty Pear: Colleen discusses all aspects of a happy, stylish plus size lifestyle. She believes that women of size are beautiful and deserve beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories just as much as “average” sized women.
  10. Vintage Fashion Guild: The ultimate vintage clothing site for anyone who’s searching for clothes shown and sold online. Several times per week you’ll see new posts about featured members or strange and beautiful couture brought to the guild’s attention by a guild member.